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LIBYANG › YANGGITHUBMASTER › #224 3 months ago
XML printer BUGFIX remove unexpected variadic parameter
Cppcheck result shows :

'Passing NULL after the last typed argument to a variadic function leads to undefined behaviour.'

The parameter is not expected at all in this particular case.
yang-types BUGFIX Invalid value assignment
Cppcheck result shows :

'Assignment of function parameter has no effect outside the function. Did you forget dereferencing it?'

for 'err_msg = NULL', correct it by dereferencing err_msg.
LYB parser BUGFIX correctly cast integer constant to unsigned integer
Cppcheck result shows :

%u in format string (no. 3) requires 'unsigned int' but the argument type is 'signed int'

cast the argument to 'unsigned int'.
libyang BUGFIX do not use void* for size calculation
Cppcheck result shows :

'When using void pointers in calculations, the behaviour is undefined.'

cast them as pointer to char when necessary.
Testless build
FRR › FRR › #2520 5 months ago
lib: Fix erroneously setting pointer values_cnt as NULL
It should be :

  *values_cnt = 0;


  values_cnt = 0;

Signed-off-by: Bi-Ruei, Chiu <>
8874 passed
LIBYANG › YANGGITHUBMASTER › #151 8 months ago
Fix "when" tag erroneously closed by "condition"
Fix the problem that there is string "..." inside comment
This is one of such examples :

// warnings, e.g., warning: XPath for "port-name" does not exist
Testless build
LIBYANG › YANGGITHUBMASTER › #150 8 months ago
Correct wrong RFC URL referred
Testless build
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Build Completed Code commits Tests