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QUAGGA › QUAGGARPKI › #56 5 days ago
tests: add test for prefix removal
trie: fix deletion of non leaf nodes
When a non leaf node is deleted one if its childs will takes its place.
The selected child must be the one with the shorter prefix length.
If the one with the longer prefix length is selected the node with the
shorter prefix length will be buried, meaning the search algorithm will
not find it anymore.
Testless build
QUAGGA › QUAGGARPKI › #55 6 days ago
scripts: fix
Due to an error in the travis script the travis build can not fail
because the return value of failed build steps are never propagated to
the build engine.

This commit is expected to fail travis.
Testless build
QUAGGA › QUAGGARPKI › #54 6 days ago
rtr_mgr.c: add missing blank after declaration
transport: remove unmatched cppcheck suppresion
rtr_mgr.c: remove unused function
add cppcheck suppresions for public api functions
rtr_mgr.c: reduce variable scope where advised by cppcheck
Testless build
QUAGGA › QUAGGARPKI › #53 1 week ago
packets.c: Fix wrong length of error text in error pdu
Due to a missing cast only the lowest byte of the 4 Byte length of error
text field in the error pdu of the rtrlib protocol was set. The upper 3
Bytes were basically left uninitialized.

This commit also changes the order of the conversion to network byte
order when using the helper function. The footer is now converted before
the header. This eases debugging because the header is still readable
when the footer is converted.
Testless build
QUAGGA › QUAGGARPKI › #41 6 months ago
lib: add alloc utils
This allows to set custom memory allocators and deallocators.
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
Build Completed Code commits Tests