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FRR › TOPOPR › #22 1 year ago
topotest: implement environment diagnostics
Run environment diagnostics on topotest start, report all detected
problems and abort if an error condition is met.
bgp-ecmp-topo: add support for FRR 2.0
The FRR 2.0 json output is different from newer version, so add the
appropriate treatment.
topotests: make 'quagga' check optional
Only check for quagga directories and binaries when we don't find FRR.
Also fix a copy-paste error in warning message.
ospf: add IPv6 OSPF convergence test
Add more tests to the ospf-topo1 to include IPv6 testing. Since both IP
versions are running together, there is no need to wait OSPF convergence
per IP version.
ospf: add some log calls to show activity
Brings the OSPF test closer to other topotest tests.
bgp-ecmp-topo1: fix exabgp configuration file
Using relative path to start the exabgp python scripts didn't work out
of the box in my enviroment, so be more specific since we already know
where the scripts are.
ospf: added convergence test for IPv4
Added a convergence test for OSPF (IPv4) using the new topology
builder Topogen.
ospf-topo: show areas in the topology dot/jpg
ospf-topo: skip on tests on router failure
Update the test by adding the routers_have_failure() check. While here,
bump the amount of time to expect for convergence by 15 seconds.
bgp-ecmp-topo1: add convergence test
Assert that we got the routes from ExaBGP and they are multipath
bgp-ecmp-topo: test BGP convergence
Add a test that waits for BGP convergence.
ospf: add memory leak test
Standard memory leak test/report.
topotest: log sleep function
Added a wrapper for the sleep function that should be used to register
in the log files the amount of time spent sleeping.
ospf: added a convergence test for link failure
This new test simulates a link failure in router 3 and expects the OSPF
routing table to converge accordingly in all nodes.
bgp-ecmp-topo: use the new sleep function
topotest: implement 'ip route' functions
Implement an abstraction to the commands 'ip route' to get the node
current routing table state.
bgp_multiview_topo1: fix exabgp configuration
Allow exabgp to run on my Ubuntu 16.04 by specifying the complete path
instead of relative.
ospf: test route kernel installation
Added tests to validate that OSPF routes are being installed/uninstalled
in the Linux kernel.
ospf-topo: remove log file specification
We don't need to set logging file per-daemon as topogen will already do
that for us. Also, remove hostname line as it seems to have no effect.
ospf: add 'show ip ospf json' test
Test the default values of 'show ip ospf json' output in the current
topotest: simplify ldp kernel check
Use version_cmp() instead of hand rolling its own parser.
bgp-ecmp-topo1: convert to topogen
topogen: allow daemon spec in vtysh_cmd
Allow commands to be run per-daemon basis. While here make daemon
logging file configuration per-daemon.
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FRR › TOPOPR › #10 1 year ago
topotest: add text normalization function
Standardized function that removes format spaces (or tab) and carriage
returns characters. This function is useful to allow output text
processing without breaking diff capabilities.

Output example:
*N IA 2001:db8:2::/64                ::                        r2-eth0    00:03:39

*N IA 2001:db8:2::/64 :: r2-eth0 00:03:39

If you remove 'IA' you won't have space formatting problem anymore.
topogen: implement router check method
Use a standard function to do 'router running checks' instead of having
to duplicate the code in every test.
topogen: implement start/stop methods for TopoGear
Having a generic start/stop methods for TopoGear allows TopoGen to call
start/stop for all equipments. This allows us to reduce the teardown
code by removing the necessity of having to always remember to call
each equipment clean up function.
topogen: add equipment version handling
Added helper functions to TopoRouter to test equipment version and type.
topogen: fix topogen memleak activation
When memleak_path is present in the configuration file it means that it is
template: add router check test
Show test developers that they can check if routers are running by
calling tgen.routers_have_failure().
topotest: add version comparison function
Implemented a version comparison function that tells if a version
contained in a string is greater/less/equal to another.
topogen: handle JSON decode failures
Instead of raise()ing, return a empty dictionary.
topogen: add error functions
Store errors and error code in topogen so other tests can look up for
failures and skip tests.
topogen: add support for ExaBGP peers
Implemented basic support for ExaBGP peers.
topotest: add JSON list comparation support
Add missing list support for json_cmp(). The missing support was
noticed while writing the BGP ECMP topology test.
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FRR › FRR › #293 1 year ago
lib: fix a possible NULL deference
Silences a warning generated by clang.
lib: improve the RB implementation
Switch the RB tree implementation completely to the new dlg@'s version
that uses pre-declared functions instead of macros for tree functions.

Original e-mail/diff:


* Reduces the amount of code that the usage of those macros generate
* Allows the compiler to do a better compile-time check job
* Might have better i-cache utilization since the tree code is shared


* dlg@ benchmarks shows it has 'very slightly slower' insertions
* imported RB_* code must adapt the following calls:
  RB_INIT(), RB_GENERATE(), RB_ROOT(), RB_EMPTY(), make compare
  functions use 'const' (if not already) and maybe others.
lib: fix __unused compilation on old platforms
Expand the macro __attribute__ to avoid problem with old platforms that
do not define this.
lib: rename rb_tree to fix NetBSD compilation
Change rb_tree struct name to rbt_tree to avoid conflicts with NetBSD.
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Build Completed Code commits Tests