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FRR › FRR › #2033 11 months ago
ospfd: Remaining packet calculation while fragmenting lsu, ls-ack and ls-req
While fragmenting ospf ls packets, before appending the link state info,
wrong value is checked to see if current packet can fit in another ls info.
Because of this, when a lower mtu is configured, it couldn't fit in even 1
ls ack, which tries to send all the available ls ack in the list in loop.
This keeps allocating memory to send the packet and ends up putting the
packet buffer without ls-ack into deferred send que(ospf_ls_ack_send_delayed).
This infinite loop causes infinite memory being allocated in a loop causing
system to be unstable. This commit takes care of calculating the right value
to compare for checking oif this buffer can fit in more.

Signed-off-by: Saravanan K <>
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