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FRR › FRR › #2456 1 week ago
pimd: PIM Core seen during NH processing
PIM Core was seen during EVPN PIM Testing beacuse of NULL
Interface pointer

Signed-off-by: Satheesh Kumar K <>
pimd: Zebra Route Updates are missing at pim
Pim will do the nexthop registration with "ip pim rp" static configuration
with this Zebra will advertise the Route Information.

But while processing this info at PIM, if Nexthop Interfaces are not PIM
enabled, currently PIM is dropping those paths. in case all paths are not
PIM enabled, there is no valid RPF Interface at PIM.

and PIM will be stuck at this state until Next update this to route, that
can happen only if there is a Routing change at Zebra for this prefix.
until that time PIM will not have any valid outgoing Interface.

This issue was mainly seen during Node bootup scenarios.

Fix Proposed
store the paths in PIM PNC Data structure  though they are not enabled
with PIM, because while selecting the Interface PIM checks for multicast
enabled Interface.

Tests Performed
1. Verified fail Test case
2. Disabling the PIM on selected outgoing Interface, PIM is choosing
   another path when Neighbor is down on this Interface.
3. Re-configure the PIM on above un-configured Interface, PIM is staying
   with old  NHop since it is valid.

Signed-off-by: Satheesh Kumar K <>
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