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FRR › FRR › #102 2 years ago
isisd: cleanup SPF scheduling
 - SPF is now per level only (no more per family)
 - t_spf and pending removed from struct spftree and moved to
   spf_timer field in struct isis_area
 - show isis summary output changed to accomodate the per level SPF
 - isis_spf_schedule6 and isis_run_spf6_lx functions are removed,
   isis_run_spf_lx now calls isis_run_spf for both INET and INET6
 - lsp related functions now call isis_spf_schedule only
isisd: add support for draft-ietf-rtgwg-backoff-algo
Adds CLI command "spf-delay-ietf" to area node for configuration
and "show isis spf-delay-ietf" to enable node for displaying status.
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