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FreeRangeRouting Protocol Suite

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Renato Westphal <> Renato Westphal <> aecba4e88ae7ca5a14df178cbd1982812c5cd489 aecba4e88ae7ca5a14df178cbd1982812c5cd489 Merge pull request #2054 from qlyoung/sa-fixes
Static analyzer fixes
Quentin Young Quentin Young aaf24c74e44438a55decfc1e2f0930f800a3a650 m aaf24c74e44438a55decfc1e2f0930f800a3a650 babeld: be more explicit about route resize result
Resizing the route array can fail. Although the error condition is
already correctly handled, if we're more explicit about the variables we
expect to be initialized then clang-analyze is happier.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 12a81f8eb104cb0cc3ee35230d1b623b4da289b0 m 12a81f8eb104cb0cc3ee35230d1b623b4da289b0 ospfd: set external_info instance value to 0
This value is used but never set. Set it to zero to suppress static
analysis errors.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 267fa38ed36a5960e8cba5303dd3abee1ff7d7a6 m 267fa38ed36a5960e8cba5303dd3abee1ff7d7a6 ospf6d: assert nh list is non-null

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 8934b81c69f43d81923133fba3989135692c9f34 m 8934b81c69f43d81923133fba3989135692c9f34 ospf6d: assert that we set a variable
Assert that prefix_lsa was set. Suppresses clang-analyze warnings.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>