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David Lamparter David Lamparter 93f681fa135ca65747190e5f36e720a217cfd163 93f681fa135ca65747190e5f36e720a217cfd163 Merge pull request #270 from donaldsharp/cares
debian: Allow building the .deb to know about new dependency
David Lamparter David Lamparter 56b1d5c1e4e7484328a863576b79585b9f46fd58 56b1d5c1e4e7484328a863576b79585b9f46fd58 Merge pull request #271 from AnuradhaKaruppiah/master
pimd: Separate the register and upstream join states
anuradhak <> anuradhak <> 755210ab1dea88aa7b41d83b65e2bc75dbabd99e 755210ab1dea88aa7b41d83b65e2bc75dbabd99e pimd: display reg-state and join-state info in the pim_upstream output
Changed the state field in the "sh ip pim upstream" output to include
register and join state info as a comma separated value. Register info
is supressed if reg-state=NoInfo.

Sample output:
root@fhr:/home/cumulus# net show pim upstream
Iif       Source          Group           State       Uptime   JoinTimer
RSTimer   KATimer   RefCnt
swp1       J,RegP      00:00:18 --:--:--
00:00:44  00:03:24       2

root@rp:/home/cumulus# net show pim upstream
Iif       Source          Group           State       Uptime   JoinTimer
RSTimer   KATimer   RefCnt
lo        *            J           00:02:08 00:00:52
--:--:--  --:--:--       1
swp1       J           00:00:16 00:00:11
--:--:--  00:03:26       1

Signed-off-by: Anuradha Karuppiah <>
Reviewed-by: Donald Sharp <>

Ticket: CM-14700
Testing Done: pim-smoke
anuradhak <> anuradhak <> b4786acd7ea88ec0a3da8edfc4e0ce71f67b5f12 b4786acd7ea88ec0a3da8edfc4e0ce71f67b5f12 pimd: simplify pim upstream state transitions
This is another follow-up change to the reg-state and up-join-state
separation. The upstream join state machine can now respond to
JoinDesired macro changes independent of router role.

I have also dropped the PRUNE state from the upstream-join-state
enumeration. RFC4601 only defines JOINED and NOTJOINED states. And PRUNE
can really be replace by NOTJOINED.

Signed-off-by: Anuradha Karuppiah <>
Reviewed-by: Donald Sharp <>

Ticket: CM-14700
Testing Done: Register state machine in FHR only, combined FHR-RP and
FHR-RP-LHR/all-in-one setups. Also ran pim-smoke.
anuradhak <> anuradhak <> 0c2ebf00a628772c09ec97f970ae34b8076e9976 0c2ebf00a628772c09ec97f970ae34b8076e9976 pimd: add new/distinct enumeration for pim register state
With the separation of register-state and upstream-join-state we no
longer need an enumeration that covers both states. This commit includes
the following -
1. Defined new enumeration for reg state (this 1:1 with RFC4601).
2. Dropped JOIN_PENDING enum value from upstream join state. RFC4601
only define two values NOT_JOINED and JOINED for this state.

Signed-off-by: Anuradha Karuppiah <>
Reviewed-by: Donald Sharp <>

Ticket: CM-14700
Testing Done: Verified register setup manually and ran pim-smoke