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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 83ede3eed49b187e1acbb6e544bf9e50efd1025b 83ede3eed49b187e1acbb6e544bf9e50efd1025b Merge pull request #3582 from opensourcerouting/freebsd-route-fix
zebra: fix FreeBSD breakage
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena 2d100aa5f12d1b5e09411fd27d0e3938cf4305db m 2d100aa5f12d1b5e09411fd27d0e3938cf4305db zebra: fix another FreeBSD warning message
When an empty netmask a wrong end size is calculated, lets handle this
corner case to avoid spurious warning messages.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena 75e710df7a21d980bba9e5b2260408a3b30d4145 m 75e710df7a21d980bba9e5b2260408a3b30d4145 zebra: fix FreeBSD warning on fresh OS boot
Handle corner case where a warning log message is issued on interface
address netmask handling with sockaddr type AF_LINK: it may come empty
or with match all (all 0xFF).

In the first case all lengths are zero and we only need to copy the
first bytes, second case it comes with a zero index and all 0xFF bytes.

In any case we only need to figure out a few of the first bytes instead
of all data.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena 19fb538dc116c837af3bb1a76526cbb9a39d1bfc m 19fb538dc116c837af3bb1a76526cbb9a39d1bfc zebra: implement FreeBSD route attr handling
When porting routing socket macro data handling to functions, the
attribute function was forgotten. The only difference between the
attribute and address handler is the family type check.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>

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