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FreeRangeRouting Protocol Suite

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Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 491ad04568e0db53e81f418453e9515c84fb5ba9 491ad04568e0db53e81f418453e9515c84fb5ba9 Merge pull request #3569 from donaldsharp/recursive_nexthops
Small cleanup of zebra_rnh.c code
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 10b6a3ea5bde803cb3ad1cffdefa82f3a717d207 m 10b6a3ea5bde803cb3ad1cffdefa82f3a717d207 zebra: Remove zebra_delete_rnh from being a public function
The zebra_delete_rnh function is not needed to be exposed
to the entire world.  Limit it's scope.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 8d6848dde21145ce71fd440d7021c965cc3129ff m 8d6848dde21145ce71fd440d7021c965cc3129ff zebra: Abstract zebra_delete_rnh
The deletion of a rnh is always proceeded by the same checks
to see if it is done.  Just let zebra_delete_rnh do this test.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>

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