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Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> c065db320a5898ea2205b87fb35418ca29e4ab2d c065db320a5898ea2205b87fb35418ca29e4ab2d Merge pull request #3590 from donaldsharp/zebra_pthread_setnames
FRR pthread setnames
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp c80bedb83bf0e91b49b81e9d2c4bd80550712c5a m c80bedb83bf0e91b49b81e9d2c4bd80550712c5a lib, bgpd: Convert frr_pthread_set_name to only cause it to set os name of the thread
The current invocation of frr_pthread_set_name was causing it reset the os_name.
There is no need for this, we now always create the pthread appropriately
to have both name and os_name.  So convert this function to a simple
call through of the pthread call now.

Before(any of these changes):
sharpd@robot ~/frr1> ps -L -p 16895
  PID   LWP TTY          TIME CMD
16895 16895 ?        00:01:39 bgpd
16895 16896 ?        00:00:54
16895 16897 ?        00:00:07 bgpd_ka

sharpd@donna ~/frr1> ps -L -p 1752
  PID   LWP TTY          TIME CMD
 1752  1752 ?        00:00:00 bgpd
 1752  1753 ?        00:00:00 bgpd_io
 1752  1754 ?        00:00:00 bgpd_ka

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 6d0a40b5b76d62d55c68d569579b1eb5a2a3294c m 6d0a40b5b76d62d55c68d569579b1eb5a2a3294c lib: Cleanup thread name setting to happen at start
When we start a thread we always call fpt_run and since
the last commit we know os_name is filled with something,
therefore we can just set the name on startup.

This creates this output now for zebra:

sharpd@donna ~/frr2> ps -L -p 25643
  PID   LWP TTY          TIME CMD
25643 25643 ?        00:00:00 zebra
25643 25644 ?        00:00:00 Zebra dplane
25643 25684 ?        00:00:00 zebra_apic
sharpd@donna ~/frr2>

I removed the abstraction to frr_pthread_set_name because
it was snprintf'ing into the same buffer which was the
real bug here( the first character of os_name became null).
In the next commit I'll remove that api because
it is unneeded and was a horrible hack to get
this to work for the one place it was wanted.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp b8dccd94f3d7408812240c375ea9885147300e70 m b8dccd94f3d7408812240c375ea9885147300e70 lib: On frr_pthread_new save a os_name
On call of frr_pthread_new, save the os_name if given,
if not given use the name passed in( shortening to fit
in available space ) and finally if the name was not
passed in use the default value.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>