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Russ White <> Russ White <> 1632290b3f5e84a2cd5278f24474e49d90c3e1ed 1632290b3f5e84a2cd5278f24474e49d90c3e1ed Merge pull request #3745 from chiragshah6/evpn_dev1
EVPN advertise svi ip as macip route changes via config command
Chirag Shah Chirag Shah 278e26de8e30142fcb48bd8bbf5f94a4f32f3557 m 278e26de8e30142fcb48bd8bbf5f94a4f32f3557 zebra: advertise svi ip as macip route changes
In Asymmetric and symetric routing scenario in EVPN
where each VTEP pair having different set of addresses
for the SVIs.
This knob allows reachability (ping connectivity) of
SVI IPs and resolve ARP resoultion VTEPs across racks.

This knob should not be used when same SVI IPs configured
on VTEPs across racks or when advertise default gateway
is configured.

Testing Done:
Bring up EVPN symmetric routing topology with different
SVI IPs on different VTEPs. Enable advertise svi ip
at each VTEP, remote VTEPs installs arp entry for
SVI IPs via EVPN type-2 route exchange.

Signed-off-by: Chirag Shah <>
Chirag Shah Chirag Shah 24864e4497d29a29fc4f940492d199febf5c2f58 m 24864e4497d29a29fc4f940492d199febf5c2f58 bgpd: advertise svi ip as macip config cmd

Signed-off-by: Chirag Shah <>
Chirag Shah Chirag Shah a80161574cfbecd17c83a9b85307f5fcd0329d4a m a80161574cfbecd17c83a9b85307f5fcd0329d4a bgpd: advertise svi ip as macip zebra parse api

Signed-off-by: Chirag Shah <>
Chirag Shah Chirag Shah fc08a52fee4eab87f1aeb6bc1295ca11144a22e5 m fc08a52fee4eab87f1aeb6bc1295ca11144a22e5 lib: advertise svi ip as macip opcode
This change is used to send configue changes for
advertise svi address as macip (type-2) route.


Signed-off-by: Chirag Shah <>


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