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Russ White <> Russ White <> 8bf8d8b2b22e895ff0faf033c35c3f7e7627ef82 8bf8d8b2b22e895ff0faf033c35c3f7e7627ef82 Merge pull request #4103 from qlyoung/fix-ospf-+metric
ospfd: fix behavior of +/-metric
Russ White <> Russ White <> 72709da4f2d8b5ef7c2a41f63bd1cf32b68d925f 72709da4f2d8b5ef7c2a41f63bd1cf32b68d925f Merge pull request #4105 from donaldsharp/pim_cleanups
Pim cleanups
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 6f0f014f0883ce45340af35090cdad85531a53d2 m 6f0f014f0883ce45340af35090cdad85531a53d2 pimd: Add JoinDesired(S,G) to deciding to set spt bit
The decision for Update_SPTbit(S,G, iif) includes a test
for JoinDesired(S,G) in section 4.2.2.  When we were deciding
to update the spt bit we were not taking this into account.

This commit fixes this issue.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp ca6cb21b60b6251f6d0bbe02eebfbee6b574de9a m ca6cb21b60b6251f6d0bbe02eebfbee6b574de9a pimd: Only send triggered response after all of *,G message is read
pim was sending a triggered response on every S,G RPT prune information
read.  Suppose we had this in a *,G message:

  S1, G RPT Prune
  S2, G RPT Prune

We would send two triggered *,G messages upstream.  This leads to over
processing and quickly changing state if S1 or S2 were in different

Modify the code to send just one Triggered *,G upstream after looking
at all S,G state for a *,G.

Ticket: CM-24531
Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp e3af36d3ed71ce0659870423889df7da0fded094 m e3af36d3ed71ce0659870423889df7da0fded094 pimd: Update state when receiving S,G join when in S,G RPT Prune state
When we receive a S,G join and the ifchannel is in S,G RPT Prune state,
pim should transition the ifchannel state to JOIN and transition the
pim_upstream state for the S,G stream.

Ticket: CM-24513
Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>


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