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Russ White <> Russ White <> 6f33cbff181010025cb2c9f80aad3c12696e19b0 6f33cbff181010025cb2c9f80aad3c12696e19b0 Merge pull request #4340 from qlyoung/hash-key-const
lib: hashing functions should take const arguments
Russ White <> Russ White <> caca2c705c779e536ca4432912a5a8b1d5cc825a caca2c705c779e536ca4432912a5a8b1d5cc825a Merge pull request #4339 from sworleys/Add-AFI_UNSPEC
lib,bgpd,pbrd: Add AFI_UNSPEC to AFI enum
Quentin Young Quentin Young d8b87afe7c5fcee9caaef7124d5bcd5f0c3af8a1 m d8b87afe7c5fcee9caaef7124d5bcd5f0c3af8a1 lib: hashing functions should take const arguments
It doesn't make much sense for a hash function to modify its argument,
so const the hash input.

BGP does it in a couple places, those cast away the const. Not great but
not any worse than it was.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Stephen Worley <> Stephen Worley <> b26f891dca50643e68dc24f1a097438b80638dd4 m b26f891dca50643e68dc24f1a097438b80638dd4 lib,bgpd,pbrd: Add AFI_UNSPEC to AFI enum
Add an upspecified option to the AFI enum and update
switch statements using it in bgpd and pbrd.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Worley <>


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