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Renato Westphal Renato Westphal e25352de4a340c42ab4b26959e5d63f24a7358c9 e25352de4a340c42ab4b26959e5d63f24a7358c9 Merge pull request #4950 from donaldsharp/table_summary
Table summary
Renato Westphal Renato Westphal 5fba0463e15fd3a89bec63652442627eaffcd8f4 5fba0463e15fd3a89bec63652442627eaffcd8f4 Merge pull request #4954 from qlyoung/yang-interface-ref
yang: create interface reference type
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp ae813e21a6d685b14ccbcc90c1a797211ed6dfb1 m ae813e21a6d685b14ccbcc90c1a797211ed6dfb1 zebra: Modify `show ip route summary` to allow you to specify a table
Add a bit of extra command `show ip route summary table XXX`
To allow end user to specify a specific table that they want
summary information on.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp a3fd74f7b0afa1feb57ad5e1d09581640a950c31 m a3fd74f7b0afa1feb57ad5e1d09581640a950c31 doc: Add `show ip route summary` documentation
Add a bit of doc for the `show ip route summary` command

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young f22b9250853229c93617ffdad139a4762f5f7348 m f22b9250853229c93617ffdad139a4762f5f7348 yang: create interface reference type
Instead of copy-pasting a 16 character string type for use as an
interface reference, create a new typedef that leafref's the name node
of an interface. This way the constraints change with the constraints on
an interface name itself, and it's self documenting.

Incidentally ripd and ripngd forgot the 16 character constraint in their
offset-list configs and IS-IS forgot it entirely, so this also fixes
minor bugs.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>