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Quentin Young Quentin Young 1f30402b929bd2716221d090702a8e26208df27e 1f30402b929bd2716221d090702a8e26208df27e Merge pull request #5015 from pguibert6WIND/rpki_vrf_encapsulation
Rpki Encapsulation
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert 044307285ba23da01177db02d25e84c35e0bcdac m 044307285ba23da01177db02d25e84c35e0bcdac bgpd: add a hook to inform a vrf is enabled/disabled
this hook can be used by plugins like rpki.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <>
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert f3517f58f198cef90bf1e04449f8514daf818630 m f3517f58f198cef90bf1e04449f8514daf818630 bgpd: running-config rpki indicates only non default values
the show running-config rpki was displaying systematically the default
values, when at least one cache server was configured. now, if the rpki
configuration has been changed, either because of a new cache server, or
because of a change in the default settings, then the associated
configuration is dumped in the 'show running-config' command.
adding to this, to permit user to dump the settings values, the command
'show rpki configuration' dumps the values whatever default or not.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <>
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert f9dea02e96679edf229b48bff417b0135ace239b m f9dea02e96679edf229b48bff417b0135ace239b bgpd: missing rpki retry-interval in show running-config
show running-config did not display rpki retry-interval. fixes this.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <>
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert 416d0484c061e9b8c586ee7ba3cc079c827bfd8f m 416d0484c061e9b8c586ee7ba3cc079c827bfd8f bgpd: missing rpki expire-interval in show running-config
a missing command expire-interval was not present in show
append it.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <>

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