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Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 7d4b857955864f6fd8aa40ebf61f9c3a9dc90041 7d4b857955864f6fd8aa40ebf61f9c3a9dc90041 Merge pull request #6705 from sworleys/PBR-Fixes-More
pbrd: A couple pbr fixes
Stephen Worley <> Stephen Worley <> 09813729c7625ff81056f24763d620f7d33251fa m 09813729c7625ff81056f24763d620f7d33251fa pbrd: nhgc state improvements when installed/removed
Cleanup the marking of a nhc as installed/removed based on table
route installation.

We were not even handling the removal state at all.

We saw some timing issues with the routes being installed/removed
multiple times and then never resending the pbr map due to bad states
on the nhgc.

Dont worry about checking if its already marked installed before
scheduling the policy walk. We have a check in `pbr_send_map()`
to ensure we dont try to resend a map sequence already installed.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Worley <>
Stephen Worley <> Stephen Worley <> 6db1188f0e3f3ad407cf45a7190800c00ca6bb26 m 6db1188f0e3f3ad407cf45a7190800c00ca6bb26 pbrd: uninstall NHG route if not valid anymore
Withdraw route from RIB if we detect the NHG is not valid
anymore. We were seeing an issue where we would leave a route
in zebra's RIB if it was recursive despite it being removed
from the kernel due to an interface going down.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Worley <>


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