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Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 832d7382c8829625106cd8140e9469a70510e55c 832d7382c8829625106cd8140e9469a70510e55c Merge pull request #6780 from chiragshah6/evpn_dev2
zebra: vrf disable clean up evpn rmac and nxthp cache
Chirag Shah Chirag Shah 92475ca4873fd6ccf1f804e675c912c698c486ce m 92475ca4873fd6ccf1f804e675c912c698c486ce zebra: vrf disable clean up evpn rmac nxthp cache
In networking restart event, l3vni (vxlan) interface followed by
associated vrf interfaces go down/deleted.
L3vni (oper) down event (from zebra to bgp) triggers to
clean up/un-import evpn routes (one-by-one) from the vrf table,
zebra internally removes the route entry from nexthop and RMAC hash.
When all the routes references in nexthop and RMAC db removed,
both (nexthop/rmac) are suppose to be uninstalled from the
bridge fdb and neigh table.
While evpn routes removal in progress, a vrf disable event removes
l3vni to its vrf association.
Subsequent bgp to evpn routes removal does not clean up thus evpn routes
reference to nexthop and RMAC remains in zebra hash.
bridge fdb and neigh tables are flushed out since networking restart brings down
all interfaces which results in flush of fdb and neigh tables.
By product is the zebra does not install nexthop and rmac when routes are re-imported
into vrf in VNI/VRF up event.

The fix is in vrf disable event to flush all l3vni's nexthop and rmac db.

Reviewed By:CCR-10489
Testing Done:

Performed multiple networking restart and checked neigh and
bridge fdb tables for respective nexthop and router mac entry

Signed-off-by: Chirag Shah <>


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