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Renato Westphal Renato Westphal 790953a387b9940bda117702390d79b8c58d12fd 790953a387b9940bda117702390d79b8c58d12fd Merge pull request #6765 from mjstapp/backup_nhg_netlink
lib,zebra: support multiple backup nexthops
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> ff8d3c2dd4eee040a767dd81f283f1a39ba474f4 m ff8d3c2dd4eee040a767dd81f283f1a39ba474f4 zebra: add validate function for zapi_labels message
Add a simple validation function for zapi_labels messages; it
checks for and validates backup nexthop indexes currently.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 8b117ff02b791b959fafa5da1cd8598f2002e62c m 8b117ff02b791b959fafa5da1cd8598f2002e62c zebra: include backup nexthops for pseudowires
Include any installed backup nexthops when installing
pseudowires; include installed backups in vty and json
pw show output.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 3c0e16228d61d69c5127e0f4126ee4d4a0741ac7 m 3c0e16228d61d69c5127e0f4126ee4d4a0741ac7 zebra: improve vty, simplify some primary/backup code
Improve vty output for routes and lsps with backups, including
json. Simplify or correct some code that uses both primary and
backup nexthops in dplane, nht.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 850c85b980e8c732017569798a0ff1bdff74a253 m 850c85b980e8c732017569798a0ff1bdff74a253 lib: use const in nexthop_level() api
Use const in nexthop_level()

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>


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