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Rafael Zalamena <> Rafael Zalamena <> ea6795999540afc6717addd6dc740214732e034a ea6795999540afc6717addd6dc740214732e034a Merge pull request #8823 from donaldsharp/ospfv3_coverity
Ospfv3 coverity
Donald Sharp <> Donald Sharp <> 95b3f03d89101fa812a8e4648f5745e2d532037b m 95b3f03d89101fa812a8e4648f5745e2d532037b ospf6d: Rename ospf6_is_router_abr to more accurately reflect what it does
The ospf6_is_router_abr is checking to see if ospfv3 is an abr router
and also setting values.  Let's rename it too `ospf6_check_and_set_router_abr`
to more accurately reflect what it is doing.

Additionally fix coverity #1505176 where we were not checking the return
value of ospf6_is_router_abr like we did every other time.  In this
case we don't care about the return value so indicate that we do not.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp <> Donald Sharp <> 0d882ec7a390f57ebf8cfc2adf10aa79f976b124 m 0d882ec7a390f57ebf8cfc2adf10aa79f976b124 ospf6d: Fix coverity Possible null deref
There exists a code path where ospf6 could be NULL and passing
to a function where it would always be derefed is a bad idea.

Put some small code in place to prevent this and allow this to be debuged
if it happens in the future.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>

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