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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 918af5a40bb181a5878fb8f2b9a780bd2dbc72b4 918af5a40bb181a5878fb8f2b9a780bd2dbc72b4 Merge pull request #9102 from opensourcerouting/autoconf-fix-gcov
build: fix LDFLAGS confusion & gcov
David Lamparter David Lamparter 81aff2127f35da2ec667bc60989cac7df7a8ef48 m 81aff2127f35da2ec667bc60989cac7df7a8ef48 build: use `--coverage` for gcov
libtool does not understand `-coverage` with a single dash.  Official
gcc docs also say `--coverage` rather than `-coverage`.  (clang lists

Also, for correct linking, libtool needs `--coverage` in LDFLAGS as
opposed to `-lgcov` (with the latter you get library ordering/deps

Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
David Lamparter David Lamparter 63116a7008706988136785ffa011cefee0355193 m 63116a7008706988136785ffa011cefee0355193 build: fix `AM_LDFLAGS` usage (and gcov)
like the other automake variables, setting `xyz_LDFLAGS` causes
`AM_LDFLAGS` to be ignored for `xyz`.  For some reason I had in my mind
that automake doesn't do this for LDFLAGS, but... it does.  (Which is
consistent with `_CFLAGS` and co.)

So, all the libraries and modules have been ignoring `AM_LDFLAGS` (which
includes `SAN_FLAGS` too).  Set up new `LIB_LDFLAGS` and
`MODULE_LDFLAGS` to handle all of this correctly (and move these bits to
a central location.)

Fixes: #9034
Fixes: 0c4285d77eb ("build: properly split CFLAGS from AC_CFLAGS")
Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>


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