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FreeRangeRouting Protocol Suite

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FRR - FreeRangeRouting

  • Russ White <>

    Russ White <> c56fdaa5db2c2995a674d5668d522664b95e575d

    Merge pull request #1162 from opensourcerouting/clean_exit
    *: make all daemons call frr_fini() on exit

  • Renato Westphal

    Renato Westphal 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f m

    *: make all daemons call frr_fini() on exit
    This allow us to find real leaks more easily with tools like valgrind.

    Signed-off-by: Renato Westphal <>

    • babeld/babel_main.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • eigrpd/eigrpd.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • isisd/isis_zebra.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • ospfd/ospfd.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • pimd/pimd.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • ripd/rip_main.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)
    • ripngd/ripng_main.c (version 8879bd22672c9d2987dd5d4645a603ca060c0c3f)