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Martin Winter Martin Winter 91d03d5cdcbe67bc225a0028bc8ff5374b59a95a 91d03d5cdcbe67bc225a0028bc8ff5374b59a95a Merge pull request #1699 from silasm/debianpkg-fix-debian-rules
debianpkg: normalize rules files, simplify logic/editing with '?='
smccroskey <> smccroskey <> a2ec1de2ce4202e83483ace8800d22628e3980db m a2ec1de2ce4202e83483ace8800d22628e3980db debianpkg rules files: WANT_CUMULUS_MODE, not WANT_CUMULUS_NODE
variable name seemed strange, and previously-commented-out name
suggests it was a typo, remove the newly-added definitions and
fix the ifeq block to reference the intended name.

Signed-off-by: Silas McCroskey <>
smccroskey <> smccroskey <> f1aaa729ebdaa17652cb15f05c779756a6075a7e m f1aaa729ebdaa17652cb15f05c779756a6075a7e debianpkg rules files: bgp-vnc is enabled by default
9782a8db773b8c5d9094eb3743aae43cc04e12f0 went with the wrong source of
truth when comments and code disagreed over whether bgp-vnc should be
enabled by default.  Fix the behavior back to what it was before.

Signed-off-by: Silas McCroskey <>
smccroskey <> smccroskey <> 9782a8db773b8c5d9094eb3743aae43cc04e12f0 m 9782a8db773b8c5d9094eb3743aae43cc04e12f0 debianpkg: normalize rules files
downstream packagers prefer to change defaults in a trackable way by
changing the rules file directly, rather than setting environment
variables.  Use '?=' (set if not already set in the environment or on
the make cmdline) to set defaults rather than alternating between
ifeq/ifneq clauses, which is harder to follow and edit.  Change any
existing `ifneq(...,0)' cases to `ifeq(...,1)', and get rid of any
ifdef/ifndefs, as ?= guarantees he value will be defined in one way or
another.  This allows the old behavior of overriding via the
environment while simplifying the workflow for anyone editing or
extending the current logic and defaults.

Portability note about '?=': it is GNU-make specific, but so is
ifeq/ifneq, which is/was used in this file, and this file is specific
to debian-based system as it is, so I don't consider it to be a
problem in this case.

Added any missing defaults (WANT_SNMP, WANT_CUMULUS_NODE) and
made it so that USE_XXX is always set for the sake of consistency.
Also brought a few changes from base debianpkg/rules into the
backports versions of the files where they were missing.

Signed-off-by: Silas McCroskey <>


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