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David Lamparter David Lamparter 3f587c1180fe3371417eabe87ec3d6808c4e306d 3f587c1180fe3371417eabe87ec3d6808c4e306d Merge pull request #4422 from ton31337/feature/delete_prefix_list_by_sequence_number_5.0
plist: [5.0] Delete prefix-list by sequence number
David Lamparter David Lamparter 0684f6e144ee4f40f3378b817c91f9a8343ba6f7 0684f6e144ee4f40f3378b817c91f9a8343ba6f7 Merge pull request #4443 from ton31337/fix/autoshutdown_5.0
bgpd: [5.0] Fix bgp auto-shutdown behavior
Pascal Mathis <> Pascal Mathis <> f697e5fb21a1cdb9feab1ca2dcb977f2f87e0f3a f697e5fb21a1cdb9feab1ca2dcb977f2f87e0f3a bgpd: Fix bgp auto-shutdown behavior
The current behavior of the `bgp default shutdown` command is to set the
state of all newly configured peers to shutdown. This leads to a problem
when restarting bgpd, because all peers will then be seen as newly
configured, which leads to all peers being set to shutdown after each

This behavior is undesired and not common when comparing the
implementation against other vendors. This commit moves the `bgp default
shutdown` configuration underneath the peer-group and peer
configuration, to ensure that existing peers will not be set to shutdown
after a daemon restart.

Signed-off-by: Pascal Mathis <>
Donatas Abraitis <> Donatas Abraitis <> 719765e25177094da5b98b136c9ba97acab522f4 719765e25177094da5b98b136c9ba97acab522f4 plist: Delete prefix-list by sequence number
Signed-off-by: Donatas Abraitis <>

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