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David Lamparter David Lamparter 47336e4d07179278881646fd5d680a008e57fc5b 47336e4d07179278881646fd5d680a008e57fc5b debian: release 7.1-1
Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
David Lamparter David Lamparter a4e8af0eacd2b11f76d05bd1f8355b6f0af155a4 a4e8af0eacd2b11f76d05bd1f8355b6f0af155a4 Merge tag 'frr-7.1' into debian/experimental
FRRouting Release 7.1
David Lamparter David Lamparter 23db048e44a9beabe0a7f4a492b7db5f18353ad9 m 23db048e44a9beabe0a7f4a492b7db5f18353ad9 FRRouting release 7.1
- gRPC northbound plugin
- "table NNN" removed from zebra
- more dataplane MT work
- EVPN in non-default VRFs
- RFC 8212 (default deny policy for eBGP)
- RFC 8106 (IPv6 RA DNS options)

Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 4d39e24005445bd42032fdab859835565efd538b m 4d39e24005445bd42032fdab859835565efd538b Merge pull request #4539 from opensourcerouting/7.1/watchfrr-sd-timeout
[7.1] tools: retain sanity when reloading under systemd
David Lamparter David Lamparter 30b34aac84380239a6e1b7870ebe6380817fe56a m 30b34aac84380239a6e1b7870ebe6380817fe56a tools: retain sanity when reloading under systemd
Without this, we end up restarting watchfrr with the systemd watchdog
non-functional & tripped a bit later.  Also, if watchfrr is in the
"control" cgroup, systemd 232 will kill it.  (241 apparently doesn't.
Can't find anything about this in systemd's ChangeLog though.)

Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
(cherry picked from commit 9c251d376ad8e604c25767b32c2816e9ae75a738)

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