FRR 3.0 Snap Package testing for Snap store deployment

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Eric Pulvino &lt;; Eric Pulvino <> f2a3a140710496873dcce10b33ae63156df0c608 f2a3a140710496873dcce10b33ae63156df0c608 Adding Useful Sysctl Settings recommendations.
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp c26343669701ce26f004124e238297a66f2d4dc2 c26343669701ce26f004124e238297a66f2d4dc2 Merge pull request #1152 from nkukard/docs-ip-bgp
doc: Updates for 3.0
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 2842a419073581a2656b84d4efa269d22acac1cb 2842a419073581a2656b84d4efa269d22acac1cb Merge branch 'stable/3.0' into docs-ip-bgp
Renato Westphal &lt;; Renato Westphal <> 16989e36b1ba69668483b8ebfe0f7113abe96216 16989e36b1ba69668483b8ebfe0f7113abe96216 Merge pull request #1211 from donaldsharp/mem_leaks
Mem leaks
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp e3d06a93f27a96025a22ffdeebbd0b41618ef09e e3d06a93f27a96025a22ffdeebbd0b41618ef09e bgpd: Fix json memory leak
When issuing 'show bgp ...' commands that dump
the entire table, we were dropping the initial
json_paths = json_object_new_object() memory
allocation.  Fix this.

Additionally reformat the output to fit
better in 80 columns.

There may be additional memory leaks here
hidden away in how we decide to continue
or not.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>

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Collapse Failed RFC-Compliance-tests ANVL-OSPF-37.1 History
OSPFv2 IPv4 Tests 3 mins
RFC Failure: MUST

============== Reference: ============================
RFC 2328, sB p217 Architectural Constants
============== Test Summary: =========================
MinLSInterval is the minimum time between distinct originations of any
particular LSA. The value of MinLSInterval is set to 5 seconds.

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