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Sri Mohana Singamsetty <> Sri Mohana Singamsetty <> dfbca14b5e37959390173a18bc35cc8b72551c1b dfbca14b5e37959390173a18bc35cc8b72551c1b Merge pull request #4986 from qlyoung/fix-bgp-zero-keepalive-timer-7.2
[7.2] bgpd: do not send keepalives when KA timer is 0
Quentin Young Quentin Young d8e2b28bd8e4a755766f6154f2d8c68ec77fa005 d8e2b28bd8e4a755766f6154f2d8c68ec77fa005 bgpd: do not send keepalives when KA timer is 0
RFC4271 specifies behavior when the hold timer is sent to zero - we
should not send keepalives or run a hold timer. But FRR, and other
vendors, allow the keepalive timer to be set to zero with a nonzero hold
timer. In this case we were sending keepalives constantly and maxing out
a pthread to do so. Instead behave similarly to other vendors and do not
send keepalives.

Unsure what the utility of this is, but blasting keepalives is
definitely the wrong thing to do.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>