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Martin Winter Martin Winter 90446e3c3310001a7b84017fa4b237ea7914f45e 90446e3c3310001a7b84017fa4b237ea7914f45e FRRouting Release 7.2.1 (Maintenance Release)
- BGPd
-   Fix Addpath issue
-   Do not apply eBGP policy for iBGP peers
-   Show `ip` and `fqdn` in json output for `show [ip] bgp <route> json`
-   Fix large route-distinguisher's format
-   Fix `no bgp listen range ...` configuration command
-   Autocomplete neighbor for clear bgp
-   Reflect the distance in RIB when it is changed for an arbitrary afi/safi
-   Notify "Peer De-configured" after entering 'no neighbor <neighbor> cmd
-   Fix per afi/safi addpath peer counting
-   Rework BGP dampening to be per AFI/SAFI
-   Do not send next-hop as :: in MP_REACH_NLRI if no link-local exists
-   Override peer's TTL only if peer-group is configured with TTL
-   Remove error message for unkown afi/safi combination
-   Keep the session down if maximum-prefix is reached
-   Fix BFD down not tearing down OSPF adjacency for point-to-point net
- BFDd
-   Fix multiple VRF handling
-   VRF security improvement
- PIMd
-   Fix rp crash
-   Make sure `no ip nhrp map <something>` works as expected
- LDPd
-   Add missing sanity check in the parsing of label messages
- Zebra
-   Use correct state when installing evpn macs
-   Capture dplane plugin flags
- lib
-   Fix interface config when vrf changes
-   Fix Interface Infinite Loop Walk (for special interfaces such as bond)
- snapcraft
-   fix missing vrrpd daemon
- Others
-   Rename man pages (to avoid conflicts with other packages)
-   Various other fixes for code cleanup and memory leaks

Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>
David Lamparter David Lamparter 3b08fde9dd27470c365203a7fa575d5397709a3d 3b08fde9dd27470c365203a7fa575d5397709a3d Merge pull request #5696 from qlyoung/stable-7.2-backport-more
More 7.2 bugfix backports
Quentin Young Quentin Young 97af7d892c916656cee1e64765c7f7a628912797 97af7d892c916656cee1e64765c7f7a628912797 pimd: readd iph length checks
Kernel might not hand us a bad packet, but better safe than sorry here.
Validate the IP header length field. Also adds an additional check that
the packet length is sufficient for an IGMP packet, and a check that we
actually have enough for an ip header at all.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 70b4d467fd0cfdea54cbef611ef2244274d0d03c 70b4d467fd0cfdea54cbef611ef2244274d0d03c bgpd: more attribute parsing cleanup & paranoia
* Move VNC interning to the appropriate spot
* Use existing bgp_attr_flush_encap to free encap sets
* Assert that refcounts are correct before exiting to keep the demons
  contained in their fiery prison

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 73b5d44168a1f7927bae7943fb9ec3dac953206d 73b5d44168a1f7927bae7943fb9ec3dac953206d bgpd: use safe functions to work with ecom attrs
Tons of insane just-so pointer math here where it is not needed. This is
too smart. Use safer methods.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>

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