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03-Mar-2020 18:34:03 Test ANVL-OSPF-38.2: Passed
03-Mar-2020 18:34:03
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 Test ANVL-OSPF-38.3 executing
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 Test Summary
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 (2) The checksum field in the standard OSPF header is not
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 calculated, but is instead set to 0.
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 Test Reference
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 RFC 2328, sD4.3 p233 Generating Cryptographic authentication
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 Test Classification
03-Mar-2020 18:34:05 MUST
03-Mar-2020 18:35:26 Test ANVL-OSPF-38.3: Passed
03-Mar-2020 18:35:26
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 Test ANVL-OSPF-38.4 executing
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 Test Summary
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 When using the Cryptographic authentication option, each router appends
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 a "message digest" to its transmitted OSPF packets. Receivers then use
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 the shared secret key and received digest to verify that each received
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 OSPF packet is authentic.
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 Test Reference
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 RFC 2328, p243 Security Considerations
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 Test Classification
03-Mar-2020 18:35:28 MUST
03-Mar-2020 18:37:34 Test ANVL-OSPF-38.4: Passed
03-Mar-2020 18:37:34
03-Mar-2020 18:37:36 Writing DejaGNU Result file to ./ospf-result.xml