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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 97c6009d49a9c122d8e70d85b5edae59a2cd4ebb 97c6009d49a9c122d8e70d85b5edae59a2cd4ebb Merge pull request #3760 from patrasar/RP_configure_inconsistent_addr_mask
pimd: reject inconsistent address/mask "ip pim rp command"
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp e6ee7eb9e34449fa2064b8541007b64b21c7bb81 e6ee7eb9e34449fa2064b8541007b64b21c7bb81 Merge pull request #3761 from patrasar/fix_refresh_oil_timer
pimd: Don't refersh the oif_creation timer if S,G already present
Sarita Patra <> Sarita Patra <> 6b44b401410a7f910af560d99822c65d71e8fbad 6b44b401410a7f910af560d99822c65d71e8fbad pimd: reject inconsistent address/mask "ip pim rp command"
Issue: Configure "ip pim rp x.x.x.x".
Show running config shows "ip pim rp x.x.x.x"
This is mis-leading.

Root-cause: Internally is getting converted to group mask, since the prefix length is 4.

Fix: Restrict the user to configure inconsistent group address
mask by throughing a cli error "Inconsistent address and mask".

Signed-off-by: Sarita Patra <>
Sarita Patra <> Sarita Patra <> d23756e938cd3cb3c0bfd2b286370282d0fb1c2d d23756e938cd3cb3c0bfd2b286370282d0fb1c2d pimd: Don't refersh the oif_creation timer if S,G already present
Issue: Shut the RP interface in the router RP. LHR will get to know
RP becomes not-reachable, so it send a prune towards the RP. On
receiving the prune, RP clear the (*, G) entry, but (S, G) should
not get removed if present.
Now no-shut the RP interface in the router RP. LHR will send a (*, G)
join towards the RP. On receiving join FRR create the (*, G) entry.
Along with this, it also add the interface(join received) in the OIL
of (S, G) and also refresh the (S, G) timer.

Fix: Dont refresh the timer for S, G or (*, G), if the flag for the

Signed-off-by: Sarita Patra <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp aef69c4feab965298bdb176c0fcebddb533a4066 aef69c4feab965298bdb176c0fcebddb533a4066 Merge pull request #3752 from mjstapp/fix_wq_static_func
libs: remove useless static work_queue_free helper

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