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Build: #6948 was successful Custom build by Github Hook with revision stable/7.0


This build has the following metadata. These are property key value pairs describing the build. You can specify your own metadata in the build process via apps.

Key Value
customRevision stable/7.0
ManualBuildTriggerReason.customRevision stable/7.0
ManualBuildTriggerReason.userName github
plan.storageTag plan-23986225


The following parameters have been manually overridden.

Name Value
github_base_sha f2b1a09a5761a095b60f1cec05c14bcb5add1837 Overridden
github_pullreq 3961 Overridden
github_branch stable/7.0 Overridden
github_repo FRRouting/frr Overridden
github_merge_sha 2f611c984d5e4a2fbba12d461a8d0b2208fe7a30 Overridden