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Martin Winter Martin Winter 056c0cd070d3c7c5f174357610336cb891ed30e0 056c0cd070d3c7c5f174357610336cb891ed30e0 FRRouting Releast 7.0.1
Changes since 7.0:
- bgp:
-   Don't send Updates with BGP Max-Prefix Overflow
-   Make sure `next-hop-self all` backward compatible with force
-   Fix as-path validation in "show bgp regexp"
-   Fix interface-based peers to override peergroups
-   Fix removing private AS numbers if local-as is used
-   Fix show bgp labeled_unicast
-   Add command to lookup prefixes in rpki table
-   Fix peer count in "show bgp ipv6 summary"
-   Add missing ipv6 only peer flag action
-   Fix address family output in "show bgp [ipv4|ipv6] neighbors"
-   Add missing checks for vpnv6 nexthops
-   Fix nexthop for ipv6 vpn case
- rip: Fix removal of passive interfaces
- ospf:
-   Fix json timer output
-   Fix milliseconds in json output
- bfd:
-   Fix source port according RFC 5881, Sec 4
-   Fix IPv6 link-local peer removal
-   Fix interface clean up when deleting interface
- pim: Fix interface clean up when deleting interface
- nhrp: Fix interface clean up when deleting interface
- lib:
-   Workaround to get FRR building with libyang 0.x and 1.x
-   Fix in priv handling
-   Make priv elevation thread-safe
- zebra:
-   Pseudowire event recovery
-   Fix race condition in label manager
-   Fix system routes selection and next-hop tracking
-   Set connected route metric based on devaddr metric
-   Display metric for connected routes
-   Add selected fib details to json output
-   Always use replace if installing new route
- watchfrr: Silently ignore declare failures (for backward compatibility)
- RPM packages: Switch to new init script

Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>
Lou Berger Lou Berger 8905677dac9be27e4e3a8a670796bbf5f6705038 8905677dac9be27e4e3a8a670796bbf5f6705038 Merge pull request #4271 from opensourcerouting/libyang-compat-7.0
[7.0] lib, yang: disable libyang custom user types temporarily
Renato Westphal Renato Westphal fd6aeabaeded22f8031af4136240c81dd8639af7 fd6aeabaeded22f8031af4136240c81dd8639af7 lib, yang: disable libyang custom user types temporarily
libyang 1.0 introduced a few changes in the user types API, and
these changes made FRR incompatible with libyang 1.x. In order to
ease our migration from libyang 0.x to libyang 1.x, let's disable
our libyang custom user types temporarily so that FRR can work
with both libyang 0.x and libyang 1.x. This should be especially
helpful to the CI systems during the transition. Once the migration
to libyang 1.x is complete, this commit will be reverted.

Disabling our libyang custom user types should have only
minimal performance implications when processing configuration
transactions. The user types infrastructure should be more important
in the future to perform canonization of YANG data values when

Signed-off-by: Renato Westphal <>
Quentin Young Quentin Young 158c16db543abc853dacdb69ef15b87b3c8a832e 158c16db543abc853dacdb69ef15b87b3c8a832e Merge pull request #4210 from ton31337/feature/do_not_send_update_with_prefix_overflow_7.0
bgpd: [7.0] Do not send UPDATE message with maximum-prefix
Quentin Young Quentin Young 9f2e8391c55fed32ae8e0840eb73d068a134613f 9f2e8391c55fed32ae8e0840eb73d068a134613f Merge pull request #4212 from ton31337/feature/all_alias_for_force_next_self_host_7.0
bgpd: [7.0] Make sure `next-hop-self all` backward compatible with force