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Martin Winter Martin Winter 1bdbe6ef03e18f99fb31e3d959d2c42eabcf1574 1bdbe6ef03e18f99fb31e3d959d2c42eabcf1574 FRRouting Release 6.0.2
This is a maintenance release for a security (Denial of Service) issue
found with the expermimental BGP VNC Attribute (255).
Other experiments using the same attribute may bring down BGP peers
if they are malformed for the VNC parsing. (As required by RFC).
The update disables the parsing of the VNC attribute by default
to avoid this.

Beside this change, this release is similar to 6.0.1

Major Changes since 6.0 (already in 6.0.1)
 - New Debian Package structure without backports
 - Fix Memory Leak on FreeBSD
 - Fix BGP unnumbered peer setup
 - Various fixes for label manager
 - Various other fixes

Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 036eac64e01575cd2657c37327cdbc7b994fff26 036eac64e01575cd2657c37327cdbc7b994fff26 Merge pull request #3577 from LabNConsulting/working/6.0/no-bgp-attr-255
6.0: bgpd: don't use BGP_ATTR_VNC(255) unless ENABLE_BGP_VNC_ATTR is defined
Lou Berger Lou Berger 1199e35ec87daad49d5b590e528d892d6e6e75c7 1199e35ec87daad49d5b590e528d892d6e6e75c7 bgpd: don't use BGP_ATTR_VNC(255) unless ENABLE_BGP_VNC_ATTR is defined
Signed-off-by: Lou Berger <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 8aed3d0fa09251c0f53e7b62f5bf77ec486238c4 8aed3d0fa09251c0f53e7b62f5bf77ec486238c4 Merge pull request #3524 from manuhalo/fix_autoreconf
/: add -f to autoreconf in bootstrap
Emanuele Di Pascale <> Emanuele Di Pascale <> 5ca794343925a299cd06ab1d7b07eecea96bb46d m 5ca794343925a299cd06ab1d7b07eecea96bb46d /: add -f to autoreconf in bootstrap
Depending on tool versions used, "autoreconf -i" may not update all
Autoconf-generated files, which in turn may result in build errors.
Make call autoreconf with the "-f" command line argument to
ensure all Autoconf-generated files are updated when is run.

Signed-off-by: Emanuele Di Pascale <>