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Quentin Young Quentin Young 33e56da60666cd26ca18787104e721b9df9ed4a2 33e56da60666cd26ca18787104e721b9df9ed4a2 *: 6.0.3 release
* bgpd: Fix 'show bgp ipv4/ipv6 neighbors' to show only v4 or v6 neighbors
* bgpd: Fix display issue when showing labeled-unicast routes
* bgpd: Fix incorrect # peers in 'show bgp ipv6 summary' output
* bgpd: Fix issue with remote-private-as in combination with local-as
* bgpd: Fix memory error when prepending to AS-path
* bgpd: Improve error handling when using maximum-prefix
* ldpd: Fix startup permissions error on OpenBSD
* ldpd: add support for FreeBSD IP_BINDANY
* ospfd: Fix incorrect display of millisecond time values
* tools: Fix incorrect systemd dependencies causing failure to start on boot
* vtysh: Fix unnecessary reconnection under multi-instance OSPF
* watchfrr: Fix multi-instance support when using new init script
* zebra: Fix a display bug in 'show ip route ... json'
* zebra: Fix compilation issue on OpenBSD
* zebra: Fix issue with missed selection of system-sourced routes
* zebra: Fix race condition in label manager
* zebra: Reliability improvements to pseudowire route recovery
* zebra: Tweak metric values for macvlan devices

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp eaefb842ffb3d40c40f998a78e8fde080f332b0f eaefb842ffb3d40c40f998a78e8fde080f332b0f Merge pull request #4254 from opensourcerouting/fixes-for-6.0
 [6.0] ldpd: *BSD fixes
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena 16927ecd7537faac212b5de40362e36cc15379e6 16927ecd7537faac212b5de40362e36cc15379e6 ldpd: add support for FreeBSD IP_BINDANY
Add yet another way to setsockopt a socket to listen to a foreign

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena ea082e63ffb6dd3ec9becd69a2703a688742a41d ea082e63ffb6dd3ec9becd69a2703a688742a41d zebra: fix compilation on OpenBSD
OpenBSD doesn't define RTM_LOCK anymore:

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena c6cc79445d39521eaa9485516d127d5a30e39c66 c6cc79445d39521eaa9485516d127d5a30e39c66 ldpd: fix startup on OpenBSD
We must open the PF_KEY socket before dropping privileges, otherwise the
socket creation will fail with permission problems.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>