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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 8ba26ecda7ccc1e1ea93cbe66efb4c9fcd962ecb 8ba26ecda7ccc1e1ea93cbe66efb4c9fcd962ecb Merge pull request #3419 from opensourcerouting/freebsd-route-warning-fix
zebra: fix some boot up warnings on FreeBSD
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena c69f2c1fffbae8d0bd5b69c627c4217d6ce97aed m c69f2c1fffbae8d0bd5b69c627c4217d6ce97aed zebra: don't log errors on unsupported medias
When using `SIOCGIFMEDIA` check for `EINVAL`, otherwise we might print
an error message on an unsupported interface.

FreeBSD source code reference:


   * EINVAL simply means that the interface does not support
   * the SIOCGIFMEDIA ioctl. We regard it alive.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena 86c57af534173d417189404ae005a610d84ee155 m 86c57af534173d417189404ae005a610d84ee155 zebra: refactor route socket message handling
Some address types were not being skipped triggering a warning log
message, so lets refactor this code to properly handle known and unknown

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena cb800e3529aa19d36565acda41c79cb0b19a1d3b m cb800e3529aa19d36565acda41c79cb0b19a1d3b zebra: always define ROUNDUP and ROUND_TYPE
Move the declaration of ROUNDUP and ROUND_TYPE to outside of
`ifdef SA_SIZE`. We'll use these definitions in the next commit.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>