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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp ac92680d8ddba0ab3ddf3099b22b75cc81e50ffa ac92680d8ddba0ab3ddf3099b22b75cc81e50ffa Merge pull request #3438 from opensourcerouting/bgp-rfapi-default-value
bgpd: don't show default value in configuration
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 29dfc63cbf7a8e58f03cc60c7e5b6b762f5be8bb 29dfc63cbf7a8e58f03cc60c7e5b6b762f5be8bb Merge pull request #3437 from opensourcerouting/bugfix/topotests-use-copy
tests/topotests: Use copied tests in Docker
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp bc6f139cd19acaff1beefae9fb14da1962d42c85 bc6f139cd19acaff1beefae9fb14da1962d42c85 Merge pull request #3436 from opensourcerouting/bugfix/topotest-sbin-dir
tests/topotests: Also search sbin for modprobe
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 3b2298e76b8e641ffda98705cc973f28a5735bb4 3b2298e76b8e641ffda98705cc973f28a5735bb4 Merge pull request #3421 from pguibert6WIND/bgp_lp_finish_called_too_early
bgpd: delay destruction of label pool
Rafael Zalamena Rafael Zalamena d6efeaac3edf7586c79b5abd36cd2432ea436f3b m d6efeaac3edf7586c79b5abd36cd2432ea436f3b bgpd: don't show default value in configuration
Don't show the configuration line `rfp full-table-download off` by
default as it is not the default value, instead only show
`rfp full-table-download on` (the non-default value) when it is

This standardizes this knob to the FRR default behavior.

Signed-off-by: Rafael Zalamena <>