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David Lamparter David Lamparter fb85ce1b812d892a07a4f942b4cfade9442b9a2b fb85ce1b812d892a07a4f942b4cfade9442b9a2b Merge pull request #3770 from donaldsharp/detailed_debugs
zebra: Update zserv debug messages to give a bit more useful info
David Lamparter David Lamparter 233c5edffefb9325c43fc444c9e989d5949464c6 233c5edffefb9325c43fc444c9e989d5949464c6 Merge pull request #3767 from donaldsharp/martians_ate_my_homework
bgpd: Remove unused bgp_debug_count function
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 494247b58c6161bbcb0323c86cc414f42ac0c038 m 494247b58c6161bbcb0323c86cc414f42ac0c038 zebra: Update zserv debug messages to give a bit more useful info
When we schedule a packet for future handling, list the packet
type so that we can see what we are getting with debugs.

Also note which client and how many packets we received from that

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp e52c1925043d33f220a050640ad681317e21338d m e52c1925043d33f220a050640ad681317e21338d bgpd: Remove unused bgp_debug_count function
This function was not used anywhere, remove it from the system.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>