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David Lamparter David Lamparter 6e727402bd7ac17028af98773b21ac020fa80a57 6e727402bd7ac17028af98773b21ac020fa80a57 Merge pull request #3907 from donaldsharp/pim_election
pimd: Ensure DR election happens when both sides change prio
David Lamparter David Lamparter 83152933da940c16ce8aa9c18da5a4d6a0c239bb 83152933da940c16ce8aa9c18da5a4d6a0c239bb Merge pull request #3898 from dslicenc/peer-group-remote-as
bpgd: resolve more neighbor peer-group issues
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 3de708125ec2f2d737bd5e6285a8e6ab23fed094 m 3de708125ec2f2d737bd5e6285a8e6ab23fed094 pimd: Ensure DR election happens when both sides change prio
Suppose we have 2 routers A and B.  Both Router A and B have
the same priority of 1000.  Router A is the elected DR.
Now suppose B lowers his priority to 1.  He still looses the
DR election and we are not sending a hello with the new priority.
Immediately after this A's priority is also lowered to 1, it
looses the election and sends the hello.  B receives this hello
and elects A as the DR( since it has the better ip address)
At this point A believes B is the DR, and B believes A is the
DR until such time that the normal hello from B is sent to A,
which if timed correctly can be a significant amount of time).

This code just causes a hello to be sent if the priority is
changed.  Now both sides will be able to converge quickly

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>
Don Slice <> Don Slice <> 390485fdc96dbdd56c42d1db5d73c985411f8b4b m 390485fdc96dbdd56c42d1db5d73c985411f8b4b bpgd: resolve more neighbor peer-group issues
Found in testing that in a certain sequence, a neighbor's peer-group
membership would be lost.  This fix resolves that issue. Additionally
found that "no neighbor swp1 remote-as 2" would sometimes leave the
config with "neighbor swp1 remote-as 0" rather than removing from the
config. That one is also resolved.

Signed-off-by: Don Slice <>

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