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2b38c97fe1ee3140d5b8e4b42082db98df390297 2b38c97fe1ee3140d5b8e4b42082db98df390297
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Sri Mohana Singamsetty <> Sri Mohana Singamsetty <> 2b38c97fe1ee3140d5b8e4b42082db98df390297 2b38c97fe1ee3140d5b8e4b42082db98df390297 Merge pull request #3909 from AnuradhaKaruppiah/l3-vni-0
bgpd: prevent type-5 route creation if bgp_vrf->l3_vni is 0
David Lamparter David Lamparter d6426a6eb85f4999cd9dbd1726ec4edbd4d52289 d6426a6eb85f4999cd9dbd1726ec4edbd4d52289 Merge pull request #3928 from donaldsharp/selected_fib
zebra: Allow json output to give a bit more data
David Lamparter David Lamparter 0a04c7a65943f4d71fd961b0c78049e66ce9dec9 0a04c7a65943f4d71fd961b0c78049e66ce9dec9 Merge pull request #3925 from chiragshah6/evpn_dev2
bgpd: vrl route-leak show with all vrfs option
David Lamparter David Lamparter 9de76dffa2db1076e5ad930e770ccc8d5b83bdec 9de76dffa2db1076e5ad930e770ccc8d5b83bdec Merge pull request #3914 from donaldsharp/allow_views_to_not_vrf
bgpd: Don't prevent views from being able to connect
David Lamparter David Lamparter 1a8d923b2fd748678094cef70e7d1bfd46d3f794 1a8d923b2fd748678094cef70e7d1bfd46d3f794 Merge pull request #3915 from donaldsharp/ecmp_up_in_my_business
Ecmp up in my business

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