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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 6ac9718a2af66a796bf953e4ab9e7dd48f57754e 6ac9718a2af66a796bf953e4ab9e7dd48f57754e Merge pull request #3893 from mjstapp/dplane_pw_nexthops
zebra: include nexthop info when installing pseudowires
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 09cd307c621c69c09ce3c1a0c012e9e0aa8eeb58 m 09cd307c621c69c09ce3c1a0c012e9e0aa8eeb58 zebra: dplane pseudowires including nexthop info
Add nexthop info to the data that the zebra dataplane captures
when programming pseudowires.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 81793ac145e5f8c0c18d677062dcc85405bebe33 m 81793ac145e5f8c0c18d677062dcc85405bebe33 zebra: use const in dplane pw nhlfe accessors
Use const in the accessors for pseudowire nhlfe data; pull
that through the kernel-facing apis that use that data.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>
Mark Stapp <> Mark Stapp <> 16d697870b6e6597cda52625d895d4c6233c91b0 m 16d697870b6e6597cda52625d895d4c6233c91b0 zebra: rename pseudowire destination api
In prep for adding nexthop info for pws, rename the accessor
for the pw destination. Add a nexthop-group to the pw
data in the dataplane module.

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>

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