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Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 97722e560ecaf87125aff5a56e247b7952ef8105 97722e560ecaf87125aff5a56e247b7952ef8105 Merge pull request #2110 from msablic/pim_mtrace_group
pimd: adding querying of state to mtrace
Mladen Sablic <> Mladen Sablic <> 71e55fb257a1849523d8de382f5c7ab4c429afd9 m 71e55fb257a1849523d8de382f5c7ab4c429afd9 pimd: adding querying of state to mtrace
Adding to mtracebis querying with group address. Same change
to vtysh mtrace command. Support for querying (S,G) and (*,G)
state in mtrace router code. Further improvments to mtrace router
code with closer complience to IETF draft. More references in
comments to the draft. Man page has been updated accordingly.

Signed-off-by: Mladen Sablic <>

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