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FRR - FreeRangeRouting
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    Request to merge from pguibert6WIND/topotests
    Merge Git Commit ID 2c5e76c85940ee7d261d7d7cbcefbc255fdc869a on top of base Git Commit ID d80217ab75fcc62c8ad6f7de0c767e4c5995e1c6

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FRR - Topotests
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Rafael Zalamena <rzalamena@users.noreply.github.com> Rafael Zalamena <rzalamena@users.noreply.github.com> d80217ab75fcc62c8ad6f7de0c767e4c5995e1c6 d80217ab75fcc62c8ad6f7de0c767e4c5995e1c6 Merge pull request #77 from pguibert6WIND/filter_32bit
bgp_vrf_netns: do not run test on 32 bit linux machines
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert c1a003878246ccc84ab5986558ca959f4545f738 c1a003878246ccc84ab5986558ca959f4545f738 Merge pull request #1806 from vivek-cumulus/evpn-ipv6-tenant-routing
*: EVPN symmetric routing for IPv6 tenant routes
Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> 18ba0693221986a380c0dd131e53c887fed1af09 18ba0693221986a380c0dd131e53c887fed1af09 Merge pull request #1860 from qlyoung/debug-mt-safe
lib: add convenience debugging macros
Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> ecef81cea9f2f1df598e4ce8e2e9ff76af55c4dd ecef81cea9f2f1df598e4ce8e2e9ff76af55c4dd Merge pull request #1828 from qlyoung/zapi-cleanup
zebra: giant zapi cleanup
Russ White <russ@riw.us> Russ White <russ@riw.us> fac615f43b18bf88ccf78d8b0c20046f73f046a4 fac615f43b18bf88ccf78d8b0c20046f73f046a4 Merge pull request #1873 from qlyoung/fix-zlog-hexdump
Fix zlog_hexdump


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