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    GitHub Merge Request 72
    for GitHub Repo FRRouting/topotests, branch master

    Request to merge from pguibert6WIND/topotests
    Merge Git Commit ID 52ead018c35fd38afc0aef9e7686c528f808ae3b on top of base Git Commit ID efd112e79214abb8a3d00ce51c2f6fecdffd642d

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FRR - Topotests
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Martin Winter Martin Winter efd112e79214abb8a3d00ce51c2f6fecdffd642d efd112e79214abb8a3d00ce51c2f6fecdffd642d Merge pull request #109 from opensourcerouting/staticd2
lib: Fix staticd extension
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp c4aee4fe3133127f16d3967e74e52b262438d57f c4aee4fe3133127f16d3967e74e52b262438d57f Merge pull request #2652 from LabNConsulting/working/master/confdate_cleanup
Simplify deprecation check
Martin Winter Martin Winter 7087ced7add0978047fa9df0ad62f47134109a69 7087ced7add0978047fa9df0ad62f47134109a69 Merge pull request #2672 from pcarana/pcarana-add-rpki-rh
RedHat spec: Add the rpki module when needed
Quentin Young Quentin Young d355e53a94575dec15e3c5e5e3792fcd917b7c5b d355e53a94575dec15e3c5e5e3792fcd917b7c5b Merge pull request #2692 from manuhalo/module_param_docs
doc: add cmd line param section to modules.rst
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 86180eeeeb61dc673154df2c77baeaa72466b977 86180eeeeb61dc673154df2c77baeaa72466b977 Merge pull request #2690 from opensourcerouting/fix-srcdest-route-display
zebra: fix do_show_route_helper to include srcdest routes


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TopoTest Master arm8 4 secs
test teardown failure
E   AssertionError: 
    r1: zebra crashed. Core file found - Backtrace follows:
    [New LWP 11954]
    [New LWP 11955]
    [New LWP 11931]
    [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
    Using host libthread_db library "/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1".
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