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FRR - Topotests
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Rafael Zalamena <rzalamena@users.noreply.github.com> Rafael Zalamena <rzalamena@users.noreply.github.com> f8daeea19ea0fe79fbdb7231d7a7bc34e5a4f0ac f8daeea19ea0fe79fbdb7231d7a7bc34e5a4f0ac Merge pull request #114 from LabNConsulting/working/direct+moreinfo
Prepare for timing changes seen in #2122
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Lou Berger Lou Berger 0751b36cd3910b34c85d9869e0c327f577d6d400 0751b36cd3910b34c85d9869e0c327f577d6d400 Merge pull request #2731 from chiragshah6/mdev
bgpd: route detail output local pref display
Quentin Young Quentin Young 163237590a85f6146c273a1ad0fb0d39dfa0a5b1 163237590a85f6146c273a1ad0fb0d39dfa0a5b1 Merge pull request #2782 from pacovn/Coverity_1472236_Improper_use_of_negative_value
zebra: socket fd check (Coverity 1472236)
F. Aragon <paco@voltanet.io> F. Aragon <paco@voltanet.io> e940478c026b0ab905d93060f213f50257460bb4 e940478c026b0ab905d93060f213f50257460bb4 zebra: socket fd check (Coverity 1472236)
Signed-off-by: F. Aragon <paco@voltanet.io>
Quentin Young Quentin Young cfea0323d6b0b62e59e83abed20306db4af76449 cfea0323d6b0b62e59e83abed20306db4af76449 Merge pull request #2783 from pacovn/Coverity_1472229_variable_scope
bgpd: variable scope (Coverity 1472229)

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