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Code commits

FRR - Topotests
Author Commit Message Commit date
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 841e5978f5d8f0a3037acad1c04275e194e3ade0 841e5978f5d8f0a3037acad1c04275e194e3ade0 Merge pull request #125 from opensourcerouting/fix-ospf-topo1-vrf
lib/ospf-topo1-vrf: don't compare headers of show ip route
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Lou Berger Lou Berger 95d8c3ce78cdd800f4c39d196e865c2ec9213f03 95d8c3ce78cdd800f4c39d196e865c2ec9213f03 Merge pull request #2898 from donaldsharp/vrf_bitmap_is_whack
lib: Convert vrf bit-map to a hash.
David Lamparter David Lamparter b5d79dbe71efb5da59ccb39fae6da36291c3b7a0 b5d79dbe71efb5da59ccb39fae6da36291c3b7a0 Merge pull request #2920 from donaldsharp/bsd_warnings
Bsd warnings
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp f7dae31211dedf2e66f7d8bebdc9ff7f148eceef f7dae31211dedf2e66f7d8bebdc9ff7f148eceef zebra: No prototype and uninited variables
Add a header to cleanup no declaration and properly
wrapper some variables to appropriate #ifdef.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <sharpd@cumulusnetworks.com>
Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 344b4a29bf41577c25d1bfc2db62f22f412a7c0d 344b4a29bf41577c25d1bfc2db62f22f412a7c0d isisd: Include header for function declaration
isis_handle_pdu is called but not declared for usage
by not including the appropriate header.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <sharpd@cumulusnetworks.com>

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