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FRR - Topotests
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Lou Berger Lou Berger eadd2ba0a2b5d0bbb0f0a7cb432412ee0aba7ef2 eadd2ba0a2b5d0bbb0f0a7cb432412ee0aba7ef2 Merge pull request #96 from opensourcerouting/bfd-topo1
bfd-topo1: add basic topology test for `bfdd`
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Lou Berger Lou Berger 0a940183d37c908d0e702cb40112851cabd41dc3 0a940183d37c908d0e702cb40112851cabd41dc3 Merge pull request #3004 from donaldsharp/other_peer
bgpd: Try to notice when configuration changes during startup
Martin Winter Martin Winter ad6707b564a57a75a1ef69e7370b7ef40b76a62e ad6707b564a57a75a1ef69e7370b7ef40b76a62e Merge pull request #3108 from dmbaturin/master
Add a script for building a Debian package in one step.
David Lamparter David Lamparter f712c6b3699a9fe638be24a96e68affdd7489c17 f712c6b3699a9fe638be24a96e68affdd7489c17 Merge pull request #3113 from donaldsharp/uninited_value
bgpd: prevent uninited variable from being used.
Lou Berger Lou Berger e47e908c0ddc5fa7c4b2ea33094e09bdc7a6e39a e47e908c0ddc5fa7c4b2ea33094e09bdc7a6e39a Merge pull request #3120 from opensourcerouting/remove-list-delete
lib: remove deprecated list_delete()/list_free()

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