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FRR - Topotests
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Martin Winter Martin Winter 512010d4e54e38189ca553a20e088614516a70ec 512010d4e54e38189ca553a20e088614516a70ec Merge pull request #143 from opensourcerouting/bgp-ecmp-default-fix
bgp-ecmp-topo1: fix and improve topology test
FRR - FreeRangeRouting
Author Commit Message Commit date
Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> Renato Westphal <renato@openbsd.org> ce6a0c3268ef121aa3e479916993f2eb41f0e935 ce6a0c3268ef121aa3e479916993f2eb41f0e935 Merge pull request #2929 from kssoman/rtr_fix
bgpd, zebra: Creating Loopback Interface Flaps BGPd, it should update
root <root@dev.vmware.com> root <root@dev.vmware.com> 36dc75886db92145540585ab203c0c9d339a9dae m 36dc75886db92145540585ab203c0c9d339a9dae bgpd: Creating Loopback Interface Flaps BGPd (#2865)
* The function bgp_router_id_zebra_bump() will check for active bgp
  peers before chenging the router ID.
  If there are established peers, router ID is not modified
  which prevents the flapping of established peer connection

* Added field in bgp structure to store the count of established peers

Signed-off-by: kssoman <somanks@vmware.com>


New test failures 2
Status Test View job Duration
Collapse Failed test_bgp_vrf_netns_topo test_bgp_vrf_netns History
AddressSanitizer 3 secs
test teardown failure
E   AssertionError: 
    r1: Daemon zebra killed by AddressSanitizer
Collapse Failed test_ldp_vpls_topo1 test_ldp_bindings History
TopoTest Master arm8 2 mins
AssertionError: "r1" JSON output mismatches the expected result assert json value is different (   --- Expected value   +++ Current value   @@ -8 +8 @@   -        "remoteLabel": "17"   +        "remoteLabel": "18"   @@ -16 +16 @@   -        "remoteLabel": "16"   +        "remoteLabel": "17"   @@ -32 +32 @@   -        "remoteLabel": "17"   +        "remoteLabel": "16"   @@ -40 +40 @@   -        "remoteLabel": "18"   +        "remoteLabel": "17")
E   AssertionError: "r1" JSON output mismatches the expected result
    assert json value is different (
      --- Expected value
      +++ Current value
      @@ -8 +8 @@
      -        "remoteLabel": "17"
      +        "remoteLabel": "18"
(9 more lines...)

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