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aPiecek <> aPiecek <> ef1e58e78bdb9ee7fc71248951e8616a50c2bf5b ef1e58e78bdb9ee7fc71248951e8616a50c2bf5b tree printer FEATURE added general function
General algorithms have been added that can work with lysp nodes.
These are useful in the future when working with lysc nodes.
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> dc8fd57c78f0809264bd2ae084d65067e1c5f95f dc8fd57c78f0809264bd2ae084d65067e1c5f95f printer tree BUGFIX section grouping and its nodes
Now prints the flags at the grouping nodes correctly.
The colon has also been deleted if section grouping has no data.
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> 9e505923bf1fdbee58aef14af1e856f3ce620f49 9e505923bf1fdbee58aef14af1e856f3ce620f49 test NEW using of lysc node in printer tree
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> 3f24765a52052a906edcec85f9659410bbec75b5 3f24765a52052a906edcec85f9659410bbec75b5 printer tree FEATURE using lysc nodes for printing
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> c1603ba4d9c141223b66e3dc7dda2c7b70f6e64a c1603ba4d9c141223b66e3dc7dda2c7b70f6e64a yanglint FEATURE print tree diagram from lysc tree