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6b669ffa0af8bfba4c029535e4e28ac7d094cff8 6b669ffa0af8bfba4c029535e4e28ac7d094cff8
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#8 (Changes by Christian Hopps <>)
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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 6b669ffa0af8bfba4c029535e4e28ac7d094cff8 6b669ffa0af8bfba4c029535e4e28ac7d094cff8 union BUGFIX hash real value
Fixes #1532
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> b31b4f8d3e53614f23f314784728d3811d76843e b31b4f8d3e53614f23f314784728d3811d76843e ipv6-address BUGFIX avoid freeing initialized memory
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> 1c4da36915d8a485f2647d724bc1769da6de9807 1c4da36915d8a485f2647d724bc1769da6de9807 libyang BUGFIX setting the return code
The return code should be initialized to LY_SUCCESS, and in the case
of an error, the error code should be explicitly set.
aPiecek <> aPiecek <> 2ca48529f484438ecda1aebbadf980ac3d05ff97 2ca48529f484438ecda1aebbadf980ac3d05ff97 fuzz TEST namespace not found
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 9eb821d1d9c9e25a83c2fcbff9259cba540b0fb4 9eb821d1d9c9e25a83c2fcbff9259cba540b0fb4 data tree BUGFIX no prefix data expected for JSON
Fixes #1532

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