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Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 0c1b644690cab0577ca17dcf026b6fd7be05b765 0c1b644690cab0577ca17dcf026b6fd7be05b765 VERSION bump to version 1.0.50
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> c0e75d15a7ec4df264524b14b622823f2e3d30b2 c0e75d15a7ec4df264524b14b622823f2e3d30b2 SOVERSION bump to version 1.1.44
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 4a9645fa4423195d531061528dcf648677545986 4a9645fa4423195d531061528dcf648677545986 JSON parser BUGFIX maintaining hash tables with record of keyless list
Hash of a keyless list was added into the parent's hashtable after
processing all its children. But when the children are parsed, it
leads to an update of the keyless list's hash and try to update also the
parent's hash-table. However, because the record of the keyless list is
not yet stored there, assertion is raised.

For the keyless lists, the hash is now inserted into the parent's
hash-table before procesinng any children and updated with each hash

Fixes #867

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